Micro SD Card (64GB) preInstall with OpenWRT for Raspberry Pi 3. Suitable for Fiber / Cellular Internet Connection

People may ask why should I change my router. It seem my router working well and I’m happy with it. Yes, you may say that, but for those who’re thinking of reliable connection and add-ons service such as web cache (squid) for faster loading, virus scanner to your internet traffic (ClamAV), porn filter (Adblock), Samba (File Sharing) and other software offered by OpenWRT, then you’re making good decision to use your own router, in this case using raspberry pi 3 with powerful processor, low power consumption (only using 5V) with 1 GB RAM. With additional 5 port or 8 port network switch, you can connect your existing router/access point supplied by ISP to act as access point only. Additionally, WireGuard VPN or OpenVPN can be install too.

Requirement: Raspberry Pi 3, SD Card (just insert the card that will be send to you), Original RPI Power Supply, USB to RJ45 Ethernet Network Adapter, Strongly recommended to have passive cooling metal to achieve perfect heat dissipation.

Please communicate with me by email at romzi@romzi.online or Telegram https://t.me/m_romzi

Note: Since my internet connection using TM Unifi, I’m only able to test it for this ISP. Other ISP, I may unable to do the connection test at my end, but don’t worry, you still can configure to your ISP easily.


Raspberry PI 3 B https://my.cytron.io/p-raspberry-pi-3-model-b-plus?search=raspberry%20pi%203&description=1
Passive Aluminium Alloy heat dissipation https://shopee.com.my/product/156757667/6659591363
USB to RJ45 Network https://shopee.com.my/product/178481527/5302804356
Original Raspberry PI power adapter https://my.cytron.io/c-raspberry-pi/c-raspberry-pi-power/c-power-for-rpi-zero-2-3/p-raspberry-pi-universal-power-supply-5.1v-2.5a-micro-b

Reasons to use OpenWrt
People install OpenWrt because they find it to be superior to the stock firmware of their router or embedded device.
Performance & stability
OpenWrt is designed by network professionals and others who care about the performance of their network. OpenWrt incorporates many algorithms from recent research that perform far better than vendor-supplied firmware. OpenWrt is stable, and operates reliably for long periods of time. OpenWrt reduces latency/lag and increased network throughput via bufferbloat control algorithms. No hidden backdoors left by hardware vendors. OpenWrt is resistant to common vulnerabilities thanks to its Linux OS which is unaffected by many common attacks. OpenWrt is actively updated so any vulnerabilities are closed shortly after they are discovered. Default OpenWrt configuration is very conservative allowing full internet connectivity without exposing your router or connected devices to attacks.

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Mungkin ada yang bertanya, mengapa perlu mengganti router yang telah dibekalkan oleh ISP sedangkan ia telah berfungsi dengan baik. Ya, anda boleh berpuashati dengan router tersebut, tetapi untuk mereka yang memikirkan sambungan internet yang stabil dan mantap serta tambahan service dalam router, contohnya web cache (squid) untuk loading content lebih pantas, anti virus (ClamAV), proses filter (Adblock), Samba (Perkongsian File) dan berbagai software yang ditawarkan oleh OpenWRT, maka anda membuat keputusan yang sangat baik dengan membeli router sendiri, dalam hal ini menggunakan raspberry pi 3 yang mempunyai processor yang mantap, penggunaan kuasa yang rendah (hanya 5V) dan memory yang lebih dari cukup (1 GB). Dengan tambahan network switch 5 atau 8 port, anda boleh menyambung router/access point yang dibekalkan oleh ISP dengan berfungsi sebagai Access Point (WiFi) sahaja. Sebagai tambahan, anda boleh memasang WireGuard atau OpenVPN.

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