OpenWRT for Raspberry Pi 3 Micro SD Card (64GB) for Fiber Internet Connection

People may ask why should I change my router. It seem my router working well and I’m happy with it. Yes, you may say that, but for those who’re thinking of reliable connection and add-ons service such as web cache (squid) for faster loading, virus scanner to your internet traffic (ClamAV), porn filter (Adblock), then you’re making good decision to use your own router, in this case using raspberry pi 3 with powerful processor, low power consumption (only using 5V) with 1 GB RAM. Optionally with additional 5 port or 8 port network switch, you can connect your existing router/access point supplied by ISP to act as access point only. Additionally, WireGuard VPN can be integrated upon request (purchase separately)

Requirement: Raspberry Pi 3, SD Card (just insert the card that will be send to you), Original RPI Power Supply, USB to RJ45 Ethernet Network Adapter, Strongly recommended to have passive cooling metal to achieve perfect heat dissipation.

Please communicate with me by email at or Telegram

Note: Please understand, I’m selling micro SD Card pre installed and already configured. Since my internet connection using TM Unifi, I’m only able to test it for this ISP. Other ISP, I may unable to do the connection test at my end, but I can still help you remotely to configure it.

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