Small / Medium / Large Business Email Server

It is no surprise that email is still the most effective marketing tool for any business. E commerce stores, online banks, forex, paid adverts, and user verification, all processes require valid email addresses to work smoothly for a business. Show your business image using your own domain name.

Virtual Private Server specification
Server location: Singapore
2 VCores
4 GB Memory
40 GB SSD (can upgrade on request)

Using your own domain name, additional domain or sub domain
Fully integrated with Outlook, Thunderbird and webmail
Unlimited email to your domain and add on domain
Disclaimer add on to any outgoing email
Postfix SMTP server
Dovecot IMAP server
Nginx web server to serve the admin panel and webmail
OpenLDAP, MySQL/MariaDB, or PostgreSQL for storing user information
Amavised-new for DKIM signing and verification
SpamAssassin for anti-spam
ClamAV for anti-virus
Roundcube webmail
SOGo groupware, providing webmail, calendar (CalDAV), contacts (CardDAV), tasks and ActiveSync services.
Fail2ban for protecting SSH

Price mentioned is for ONE Year inclusive setup and configuration your email server. Additional request on hardware specification, please Contact us Telegram